Knowing your rights as a taxpayer is important when struggling with an IRS audit.  The IRS publishes various publications to advise taxpayers of their rights in an IRS audit. A copy of these rights are required to be presented to the taxpayer.

Some of the most common information you should read

The IRS is not providing you with this information because they’re “nice guys”. Your getting this information because its required by law and it can and will be used against you.

Your time to challenge tax examinations, rights to appeal and methods of tax resolution are limited. You should know these rights before your returns are examined and make every effort to secure your rights.

Now I’m not telling you to read each and every publication (the material is fairly complex and will take you some time), but I am telling you to at least be aware that you have certain rights and exercise these rights where necessary. Unfortunately, the IRS has rights too and you must be aware of them.

Tackling an IRS audit is not a simple task. Getting professional representation is almost always your best decision. Tax law is extremely complicated and IRS representation requires the knowledge of the rules and procedures by which IRS agents operate.