About IRS Audit Tax

Who Is IRS Audit Tax?

IRS Audit Tax is managed website, owned and operated by Mitch Helfer, PA; a fully-licensed, Florida CPA firm, providing tax representation firm since 2001. The firm is owned and operated by Mitch Helfer, CPA, a Florida certified public accountant (CPA) since 1991. We are a smaller, public accounting organization consisting of a few key individuals, providing highly-specialized tax assistance in the representation, negotiation and settlement of tax problems. The firm is not associated with, nor affiliated with the IRS or any state taxing authority.

Who Do We Represent?

Our firm represents both individual and business taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service and state taxing authorities.

What Do We Do?

We provide professional expertise in all areas of taxation include representation before the IRS in tax examinations or tax audits, negotiated payment plans and structured tax settlements, prepare more complex federal and state income tax returns, research and answer general tax questions and tax opinion letters,  and formulate and implement tax savings strategies and the review and analysis of tax returns. IRS Audit Tax is a paid service provider. We do not provide “free” services in the representation of tax matters before the IRS.

Where Are We Located?

We provide tax services to all individuals subject to US and state income taxes.  We are centrally located in Miami, Florida. Being located in Miami, Florida, we provide tax solutions to many individuals or business owners residing abroad that are subject to US income taxes. Similarly, our expertise extends to dealing with state taxing authorities throughout the U.S. Our representation before the IRS in a required field examination or office visit is limited to those individuals residing in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Collier counties.

Why Choose Us?

In our over twenty years of professional experience, we have successfully represented hundreds of taxpayers in solving their tax problems with the IRS. Tax services we provide include the preparation of delinquent tax returns, back tax settlements, negotiation of tax debt and payment plans and more. When contacting our firm, you will be talking directly to a CPA or other tax professional, knowledgeable and experienced in tax settlement matters. You’ll have the confidence in knowing that your tax problems will be professionally analyzed and will get the right solution to successfully, solve your tax problem. When hiring our firm, you will receive a contract of the services we will perform, a price guarantee of what you can expect to pay for our services. Our pricing is always competitive and priced correctly. You are under no financial obligation to us until you review and authorize the terms of our agreement. While we can never guarantee the outcome of what others (like the IRS) will do, we will provide you with what we believe will be your likelihood of success and the amounts you may be required to pay.